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Teen Resources

San Francisco has a ton of resources for teens, no matter what neighborhood you live in or background you have. There are many types of programs that offer support for anything you’re going through – whether you’re dealing with issues with your health, family, friends, school, or relationships. There are programs that can help you explore your interests and build your skills – from arts to sports to media to leadership. There are also programs that help prepare teens life after high school like learning about jobs and careers, how to manage money, creating a resume, and preparing you for college.

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Youth Workforce Development Programs
Search for programs that provide job readiness training, job shadowing, internships, and placements into real jobs.
Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program (MYEEP)

The Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program (MYEEP) is a collaborative of non-profit organizations that provide job readiness training, work experience, academic support, and personal development to San Francisco youth ages 14-16..

Workreation – SF Recreation & Parks Youth Employment Program

Our applications for school year youth employment opens today and closes 9/5. 

SF YouthWorks

San Francisco YouthWorks (YW) is a unique high school internship program that provides youth with paid work experience to develop their skills for work and promote interest in public service careers.

Summer Jobs

SF Summer Jobs+ is a city-wide summer program to help young adults (ages 16-24) find summer employment. Youth can apply for summer employment through SF this website.

Work Permits

All youth younger than age 18 must obtain a Work Permit before beginning paid employment.

Career Technical Education

SFUSD’s CTE program provides opportunities for high school students to explore & access high-wage, high-dem& careers, while preparing them for post-secondary education. Quality teaching & relationships with labor & business partners ensure students develop the skills needed to succeed in their post-secondary plan.

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Search for programs that provide support in tutoring, help with homework, writing, and college applications.

Creative/Performing Arts and Media

Search for programs in the visual and performing arts, digital media, storytelling, theater, and video and music production.

Business and Enterprise

Search for programs that offer training in management, business skills, customer service, and start-ups.

Social Justice and Community Service

Search for programs that focus on making a positive change in the community and training youth to become advocates.

Culture, Identity and Diversity

Search for programs that dive into specific cultures, traditions, histories, and people that make San Francisco so diverse.

Teen Health and WellnessReturn Top

SFUSD School Health Programs

School Health programs provide a broad range of programs at school sites from asthma to nutrition to foster youth services to tobacco education.

High School Wellness Centers

Wellness Centers based at each San Francisco High School help support students dealing with depression, bullying, gang violence, homelessness, drug abuse, trauma, questions about sexual orientation or gender identity, poverty, hunger or domestic violence.

Community Health Programs fro Youth (SFDPH)

Seven youth clinics exist throughout the city that provide confidential services (you don’t need parent/guardian permission) from emergency contraception to pregnancy tests to STI testing and treatment to sexual health exams.

Sexual / Reproductive Health (SFDPH)

MCAH promotes the health and well-being of women of childbearing age, infants, children, adolescents and their families. This site provides descriptions about the many resources for this population.

College PreparationReturn Top

San Francisco College Access Center (SFCAC)

A state funded program known as the California Student Opportunity and Access program (Cal-SOAP). Our services focus on coordination, enhancement, and collaboration. We work closely with local school districts and higher education institutions to provide students from low-income or disadvantaged backgrounds the college access and financial aid information they need to enroll into college. Since 2001, SFCAC has been an education program administered through the Japanese Community Youth Council, who also acts as its fiscal agent.

Learn About Financial Aid Options

This site provides the comprehensive source of student financial aid information, advice and tools -- on or off the web. It helps you understand the difference between grants, loans, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid for college.

Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)

Federal Student Aid, a part of the U.S. Department of Education, is the largest provider of student financial aid in the nation. All students attending college must apply to qualify for federal grants and loans.

California DREAM Act

The California Dream Act allows undocumented and documented students who meet certain provisions to apply for and receive state-administered financial aid, university grants, and community college fee waivers and private scholarships funneled through public universities.


Hundreds of thousands of scholarships and fellowships from several thousand sponsors are awarded each year and this site helps you search through them.

Gateway to College (City College of San Francisco)

Gateway to College is a program at City College of San Francisco that serves students between 16-20, who have dropped out of high school in San Francisco or may not graduate. Students take courses that help earn credit towards their high school diploma and a college degree or certificate at the same time.

Other Teen ResourcesReturn Top

San Francisco Youth Commission

The Youth Commission is a body of 17 San Franciscans between the ages of 12 and 23 responsible for advising the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor on policies and laws related to young people.

Resources for Young Adults

A resource website for transitional age youth (ages 16-24). Great source of information on employment, education, scholarship opportunities, housing, wellness, advocacy and recreation.

Youth Empowerment Fund

Through the Youth Empowerment FUnd, youth from all over San Francisco have the opportunity to apply for funding towards their youth-led projects, as well as participate in grant-making, program support and evaluation.

SF Youthline

An information and support hotline and website for youth, run by youth.