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General Questions

Q: What happened to GoKid.org?
A: The organization still exists to provide information to San Francisco parents. Rather than operate its own website, it now provides the content for SFkids.org and other organizations.

Q: Are there other ways of gettng information?
A: Yes, we have a Facebook page and you follow us on Twitter for daily updates!

Content Ideas

Q:  I know about a great place or event that's not on your site! How can I share it with the SFkids community?
A: Go to the About Us page and fill in the form. The team at SFkids.org will review your posting.

Q: What are your guidelines for posting information on the site? And for the Calendar?
A: All submissions will be reviewed by the GoKid staff prior to posting. Events must be appropriate for families to attend. Adult-only fund raising events (even if raising money for a school or child- or youth-related cause) are not accepted.

Q: Do you have information in other languages?
A: Not yet but soon!

Q: How often is the information on your site updated?
A: The GoKid staff regularly updates page information. All  listings will be updated at least once a year. Calendar events are added on a daily basis so you can be up-to-date on what is happening around town.

Q: What if I see an incorrect address or phone number on your site?
A: Please let us know and we'll be happy to correct it. Go to the About Us page and send us the information.

Q: Do businesses pay to be listed on SFkids.org?
A: No.

Q: I want to list my organization or event. What should I do?
A: SFkids.org is built on parents helping parents and sharing information and ideas. We encourage you to send us any event or organization for consideration. Simply go to the About Us page and fill out the form, and we will review.

Q: I want to update the listing for my organization or event. What should I do?
A: Go to the About Us page and fill out the form and we will update the information posthaste!

Q: How can I find activities in my neighborhood or near a certain address?
A: You can search for activities by neighborhood, address, age, and key word.  The calendar has a separate search from the organization database.

Q: Your dance classes look great! Please sign up my child.
A: We provide information about hundreds of things to do in San Francisco. You must contact the individual agency or organization to use their service.

Q: An event you listed in your newsletter turned out to be sold out. What happened?
A: Some events sell out as soon as they are listed. It is always best to check before attending any event to make sure tickets or admission are still available.


Newsletter Subscriptions

Q: How do I sign up for free SFkids.org newsletters?
A: Click on the FREE Newsletter box on the homepage to sign up. Enter your email address to be added to the list. It is that simple!

Q:How can I change my newsletter preferences or unsubscribe?
A: There are no specific preferences. To unsubscribe, simply send us an email with "unsubscribe" in the subject title.

Q: What if my email address has changed?
A: No problem. Click on the FREE Newsletter box on the homepage and simply enter your new email in the subscription box.

Q: I've signed up for my email newsletter. Where is it?
A: Newsletters are sent out once a week. Keep checking your inbox or check your spam filters.  Add webmaster@SFkids.org to your safe senders list.


Technical Issues

Q: You have a broken link.
A: We appreciate all feedback. Please go to the About Us page and let us know where it is so we can fix it right away or send an email to webmaster@SFkids.org.