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Thu, 10/01/2015 - 10:07am -- Spirit Wellness
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9 am-6 pm
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Are you and your daughter ready to experience more peace, power, and wisdom? You watch your daughter navigate the complexities of daily life, which can result in anxiety, overstimulation, boredom, and low self-esteem. You see her processing this masculine society and creating an identity of who she is and what role she will play in this world of logical and linear reasoning. You, too, have tried to adopt the left-brain approach that our society has chosen to be the more superior mode of living, and it may be leaving you feeling lost, worried, tired, and unproductive. But you KNOW there is a different way. There is a more embodied way of speaking, thinking, and being. It is the feminine intelligence- full of inner guidance, intuition and emotions- and it is TIME to call her back. It is TIME to fully embrace our womanhood and it is TIME to teach our daughters the innate power of the grace and ease that we always have access to.My name is Meredith Holt and Spirit Wellness is my gift to you! Afters years of studying and teaching elementary school, yoga and meditation, and learning from the best at Duke and Stanford University I am beyond excited to combine everything I KNOW into powerful bundles of Spirit Wellness offerings. Through yoga, meditation, breath work, dance and nature walks YOU and your daughter will experience more equanimity, energy, and a deep and WILD joy for life. Learn more at spiritwellness.netContact Meredith at meredithholtyoga@gmail.com

Bernal Heights
Ages Served: 
3 Month Daughter Bundle- $1,800 In 12 one hour sessions your daughter and I will work together to... Practice yoga to strengthen her body and mental awareness Practice meditation to deepen her mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness Walk in nature to cultivate more spiritual connection, gratitude and peace Experience her feminine energy through mindful movement and sacred dance Recognize and honor her emotions, and listen to and trust her inner guidance system Discover the magic in CHOOSING presence and peace while navigating the complexities of daily life 3 Month Mom Bundle- $1,800 In 12 one hour sessions you and I will work together to… Practice yoga to strengthen your body and mental awareness, and to heal tension and pain Practice meditation to deepen your mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness Shift your energy and heal pain through the energetics of breath work Connect MORE to the feminine energy through mindful movements and dance Develop more presence and peace in relationships, work, and the complexities of daily life Listen to your inner guidance system, and create boundaries and gain clarity in what replenishes and depletes your energy Support and nourish your daughter’s feminine energy, and CELEBRATE her journey to womanhood 3 Month Mom AND Daughter Bundle- $3,500 In 12 one hour daughter sessions, 9 one hour Mom sessions, and 3 one hour daughter AND Mom sessions we will work together to… Develop a deep connection and shared practice of yoga and meditation Create family rituals to implement into daily life Experience the feminine energy through mindful movement and sacred dance Recognize and CELEBRATE the wonders of being a girl and the journey to womanhood Honor and listen to emotions and trust your inner guidance systems
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All Year
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Academics & Tutoring
Health and Wellness
Behavioral/Emotional/Mental Health
Physical Health
Outdoors and Nature
Parent Resources & Family Support
Sports & Fitness
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I can lead sessions at my home, OR I can travel to your home.
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yoga, mindfulness, meditation, daughter, mother, wellness, nature, spirituality
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Meredith Holt
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